Wednesday, September 24, 2008

First church talk

Kiera had a very busy weekend. Not only did she have her meet she also had to give her first talk in primary. We told her that she needed to practice so she could do it all by herself. She did so good. She was a little nervous but aren't we all. Leigh also had to speak in church and did very well. All the ward commented on how well he did. He wouldn't practice for the camera so we just have Kiera Sunday morning practicing and Dryson giving "his talk" also.

First GOLD medal

Kiera had her first gymnastics meet this weekend. She did awesome and got her first gold medal. There were about 40 kids and she was one of three that got first place in balance beam, bars, floor, and vault. We are very proud of her and I think she is very proud of herself. This morning she was singing "I got a gold medal, I got a gold medal" She also said when she makes it to the Olympics she will invite all of you to come watch. We will see!!Kiera thinks she is all that! Dryson thinks that he might want to do this someday! Dad doesn't!
Kiera getting her metal
Waiting to be called up

This is a video of Kiera's Meet!

Take the Jump

You always here the saying, if they jumped off the bridge would you jump too! I guess I WOULD. So everybody else is getting a blog and I thought it might be a cool thing to have to keep in touch with family members that do not live close or better yet keep in touch with family that live a few miles away but we never get to see! So here it goes!