Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy all in one week!

Well today while Megan was at work Kiera came to me and said Dad I think my tooth is loose. I said sure whatever and kind of played with her top teeth and wiggled them but not real loose. She went away and pretty soon came back and said dad look! I looked and to my surprise she was holding a tooth! She pulled out "her first baby tooth" as she would say. She is so proud no tears and did it all by herself.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

What a WEEK

What a week we have had. Lots of Family, Friends, Food, and Fun. Thanks to all who have made this Christmas a very special one. Here is a look back on a fun filled week.

Sunday--what a blast. Soup and white elephant gifts with some friends!

This is the song that never ends-yes it goes on and on my friends!!!

If small children are around--close their eyes!!
Who's butt is that?

Monday--Bowling with my MOM and brothers--Yes my mother beat me

(I think my wrist is broken)

Uncle Kiel showing Dryson how to do it! It was so great to have him home!

Kiera thinking she is hot stuff!

Lots of FUN--Thanks MOM Tuesday--Food and Fun and did I mention Football. So we all were mad that night after our beloved Boise State lost by one point! ONE POINT (looks like we owe some $ taco's Scott)

Wednesday--We hade Christmas with the Patterson's. We did it at the church. We ate peaches and sausage, played eight base(my legs are still killing me) and opened presents. We promised Orion and Wynne that we would show Kiera and Dryson opening their gifts so here it is.

We also had Christmas Eve with my Grandma Hanks. We had lots of food and after we eat we always have a talent show. The last few years it has just been teenagers and young and old adults. We are starting to have little kids again and the talent is starting to come back. This song is one that I did as a little girl with my cousins and my Grandma thought it would be neat to have our kids do it. So here it is-

Christmas Morning--Opening presents:

Dryson: got his fishtank with gold fish

Kiera: got her Bike -I'm not sure how many men it takes to put training wheels on that Santa forgot!

Megan: got a new pillow!

Leigh: got his 30-06 gun (thanks Randy:)

All and all it was a great Christmas week. It is great to spend time with family and reflect on the reason for the season. We hope 2009 brings along as many wonderful memories as 2008 did.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Using your fire hose!

So we've beeen trying to persuade Dryson into start trying to use the potty. Well tonight while we were driving we were talking about being a big boy and using the potty. This is how the conversation went.....
Leigh: Dryson it's about time you start using your fire hose to go potty in the toilet
Dryson: No Dad!
Kiera: Dryson but that's what firemen do.
Dryson: Don't say that Wearwa (Kiera)!
followed by lots of laughter and a pouty face.

Monday, December 8, 2008


We got the pleasure of watching Jenica's puppy Bubba over Thanksgiving break. My kids loved Bubba. They drug him everywhere they went. Up the stairs, down the stairs, outside, inside, everywhere that poor puppy could go. Dryson would say "where Bubba go" and they would go chase him down. Kiera was in tears and I mean tears when he had to go home on Sunday. Leigh promised that one day she could get a dog... Just NOT now. I think that when she gets married and has her own house would be a perfect time for that DOG!!!!!

Thanks BUBBA for the rockin good time.

Monday, December 1, 2008


So the last two times I have taken the kids with me shopping it hasn't failed that we run into a man with a long white beard and a little belly Dryson then screams SANTA!!!!!! and continues to scream SANTA SANTA SANTA until the man acknowledges him and we say you better be good he is watching you everywhere!! I am not sure if all these men stay in their homes until December or what but I never see them until Christmas time. I sure hope my kids are good so the real Santa might come to our house.