Sunday, October 25, 2009

Swine Flu

Yes, we have had it. Kiera brought it home and luckily only got the fever and cough. I didn't fair so well. I was out for a good week. Laying in bed feeling like maybe I should just die. I'm starting to feel better, but I still have the cough. Dryson has been way to ornery to get it and Leigh has been home enought to get it. Good Luck to all you who haven't had it yet, it is coming!!!

Sugar Beets

Did you know that sugar beets make CANDY!! Dryson learned this as he rode the truck with Uncle Ryan this weekend. Uncle Ryan is home and we are soooo happy. They only got stuck or "duck" as Dryson would say 3 times. He loved riding in the truck with is uncle. Thanks Ryan.

Field Trip to the Pumpkin Patch

Kiera's Kindergarden class went to Linder Farms on their fieldtrip. Me being the great mom found a babysitter for Dryson(thanks Uncle Ryan) and rode the bus with her. She was sooo excited for me to ride the bus. I still can remember riding the bus for over an hour each way to school and back so riding the bus to me isn't that great, but I did it. She has a friend Alexandra who is so cute and they get along great. They each got to go through the maze, pick a pumpkin that they could carry, and see all the animals. We had a great time together.

On a side note Kiera loves school and is learning so much. She is the smartest, most athletic, and cutest (Just ask Her). Her teacher is wonderful and is teaching her lots of new songs. We got her first progress report and all 0's minus two s+ for staying task and doing her best work.


This year we went to the FARMSTEAD corn maze for Shad's 4th birthday party. The kids had a blast playing in the corn, going through the maze, jumping on the jump pillow, riding the cow train, and everything else. Thanks Hillary and Jim for letting us come play at your FARMSTEAD.


Homecoming week was like 2 months ago, but I'm just getting to post about it. We had the Francis kids for the weekend so they came with us to the game. Boise State was playing the same night so we where all a little torn. #1 our football has done all that great this year so to go watch them loose again but #2 luckly the weather was almost HOT! The History department "tailgated" before the game so Leigh cooked the burgers and we had a great time dancing and having fun.