Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Craft Show

Our annual craft show will be held Friday and Saturday!

Where: Francis Family Dental
943 N Linder Rd
Kuna ID 83634

Times: Friday the 4th 3pm-7pm
Saturday the 5th 9am-2pm

New this year--Shannon's Jewelry come check our her cute watches, necklaces, and much more.

Hope to see ya there.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Christmas Tree Hunt

We had a great Thanksgiving. We had tons of food at Grandma Hanks house, then on to my Dad's for a movie and pie. Black Friday was a success!! I got home about 8:30am loaded the truck up and left for Dr. Francis's cabin. We had a blast hanging out with them. We played lots of games, watched BSU destroy Nevada, watched more football, ate more food, played more games and the best part the kids played in the snow almost the whole day. We are grateful for such great friends.
Saturday afternoon we started our journey to find the perfect 17 foot tall CHRISTMAS TREE. This has become a tradition in our family. We found one, cut it down, loaded into the back of the truck, prayed that Leigh's tying job would hold and headed home. On the way home we received lots of funny looks. Can you say "THE GRISWALDS" (please take note of the pics)PWT!! We made it safe and sound. We got it all decorated today and it looks BEAUTIFUL!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Thank You Veterans!

Yesterday I had the privilege of attending the 4th annual Veterans Day assembly at Kuna High School.It is always humbling to look out in the crowd and see the changing faces. We had Vets from WWII, Vietnam, Korea, Desert Storm, Operation Enduring freedom and servicemen that have recently graduated from Kuna who have yet to be deployed but most likely will soon. The statistics say 10,000 WWII vets die each month. At this rate it won't be long before they're gone. I thought my grandpa a WWII Veteran would live forever, but he died 13 years ago at the age of 78. I wish I could go back and ask about his service. Since his death I have learned more about my grandpa's service from research and other Vet's than I ever did from him. It is a shame. I must say thank you to all who serve. Also, Megan's Grandpa Hanks served many years for this great country. He is still alive and I hope that we take every oppurnity to learn about his experiences. Thank you Grandpa!

I especially must thank my brother-in-law Kiel who serves on the USS Phillipine Sea in the US Navy. Thank you for your service Kiel we love you. I know thank you is not sufficient but know that I mean it Thank you for your support and sacrifices you make, because of your sacrifices my family and I can enjoy the freedoms we do. It is amazing to me the sacrifices these men and women give for me and my family.


My Brother Kiel

Leigh's Grandpa. Grandpa Perry

My Grandpa. Grandpa Hanks

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Swine Flu

Yes, we have had it. Kiera brought it home and luckily only got the fever and cough. I didn't fair so well. I was out for a good week. Laying in bed feeling like maybe I should just die. I'm starting to feel better, but I still have the cough. Dryson has been way to ornery to get it and Leigh has been home enought to get it. Good Luck to all you who haven't had it yet, it is coming!!!

Sugar Beets

Did you know that sugar beets make CANDY!! Dryson learned this as he rode the truck with Uncle Ryan this weekend. Uncle Ryan is home and we are soooo happy. They only got stuck or "duck" as Dryson would say 3 times. He loved riding in the truck with is uncle. Thanks Ryan.

Field Trip to the Pumpkin Patch

Kiera's Kindergarden class went to Linder Farms on their fieldtrip. Me being the great mom found a babysitter for Dryson(thanks Uncle Ryan) and rode the bus with her. She was sooo excited for me to ride the bus. I still can remember riding the bus for over an hour each way to school and back so riding the bus to me isn't that great, but I did it. She has a friend Alexandra who is so cute and they get along great. They each got to go through the maze, pick a pumpkin that they could carry, and see all the animals. We had a great time together.

On a side note Kiera loves school and is learning so much. She is the smartest, most athletic, and cutest (Just ask Her). Her teacher is wonderful and is teaching her lots of new songs. We got her first progress report and all 0's minus two s+ for staying task and doing her best work.


This year we went to the FARMSTEAD corn maze for Shad's 4th birthday party. The kids had a blast playing in the corn, going through the maze, jumping on the jump pillow, riding the cow train, and everything else. Thanks Hillary and Jim for letting us come play at your FARMSTEAD.


Homecoming week was like 2 months ago, but I'm just getting to post about it. We had the Francis kids for the weekend so they came with us to the game. Boise State was playing the same night so we where all a little torn. #1 our football has done all that great this year so to go watch them loose again but #2 luckly the weather was almost HOT! The History department "tailgated" before the game so Leigh cooked the burgers and we had a great time dancing and having fun.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Possible names my Grandkids will have

As we were driving to my dad's tonight Kiera and Dryson were talking about how many kids they wanted to have. Dryson said 3 and Kiera said 2. Kiera wants to have a boy and a girl. The girls name-----BUTTERFLY!! The boys name-----BASH!!!! So in the future I might have a beautiful blonde haired granddaughter named Butterfly. I guess we will see!!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Our new family member!

Well while Megan was gone all day Saturday and I was left to clean the office, sweep and mop floors, vacuum make breakfast and lunch and everything in between........ Just kidding I did do all those things but I don't have to blog about them to make myself feel good!!! I Love You Megan. Well I took Kiera and Dryson to Zamzows to get a new pet! I was tired of cleaning the fish tank so we got a Plecostamus AKA Sucker fish. Now since our tank has a Boise State theme and our fish are named for Broncos and Boise State it was only fitting to name this fish VANDAL. Yep that's right after the Idaho Vandals..... The reason he is named this......He Sucks!!!!! As a side note Megan is not Prego!!! hahahaha

Sunday, September 6, 2009

College Football Season has arrived

As I was doing laundry, sweeping the floors, picking up stuff watching Leigh sitting on his rear I realized COLLEGE FOOTBALL SEASON has arrived. Don't get me wrong I love to watch a good football game every once and awhile but all Saturday starts to wear on me.

Thursday night was great GO BRONCOS.

This was our pre-game festivies Boys HAIR CUTS. Thanks Jenica

Thursday, August 27, 2009

School Time

I can't believe it but Kiera has started Kindergarten. Today was her first day and if any of you have been around her lately, I was worried she was going to have a major meltdown. For the past few weeks everything she has done and loved has ended up with a major meltdown. She would be doing a headstand, walking the balance beam and crying. A couple weeks ago she ended up not going to her primary class because she was crying. So I was very grateful that there was NO TEARS today. We got to school a little early and she played, found a couple kids she knew, lined up at the door, Mrs. Wallace had them blow their moms and dads a kiss and she was gone. I think little man Dryson had a harder time. During family prayers this morning he started crying because Kiera got to go to school and he doesn't. I also think has asked what time is it about 10 times this morning. NOT TIME TO PICK UP KIERA!!! I keep telling him. She gets to go all day on Tues. and Thurs. and every other Fri. I can't wait until she gets home and tells me all she has learned.

This summer has flown by. Leigh has started school again and guess what? He also is coaching again. I'm so lucky, right. Back to being a coaches widow. He is coaching the freshman football team. I think he is liking it. Well I promise to be better about keeping this blog updated. I'm not sure there is enough time in the days to keep up with everything.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Day 1

Leigh, his brothers, and his father all went on a week long horseback ride trip which leaves me home by myself. I never really wanted to be a single mom, but it looks like this week I get to play the part.

Day 1: Went great! I was in charge of sharing time so we had to go to church. In the morning I finished getting my sharing time done, cut out coupons, and got me and the kids ready for church. After church my best friend, Jody, invited us over for dinner and Dave cooked us up some fried Twinkies for dessert. Got home put the kids in bed and thought I could get some much deserved sleep. NOT!!!! There were teenagers at the pool until 10:30(this is the first time the pool in the back yard has been a problem) that would not be quite. I almost called my friend David to come take care of them, but then they left. So I tried to go back to sleep. Then at 1AM I hear this horrible noise coming from Kiera's room and I know she is THROWING UP, you have got to be kidding me, the one night that Leigh isn't home. I don't do throw up well. I have a really strong gage reflex and can make myself puke on command. From that point on I would get a mess cleaned up, and she would make a new one. It is 10am and she hasn't puked for an hour. She is a sleep, but I still have Dryson that is ready to play! How Lucky can one mom get!! Keep you updated on day 2,3,4,5,6. I sure hope Leigh is enjoying himself.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

We went on a trip

On the 17th we loaded the car and started a 7 1/2 hr drive to Northern Idaho. The drive was ok going there. Dryson only had to pee in a bottle (just kidding he was to gun shy to do it, but don't think I didn't try:) twice. There we met up with Cindy (we stayed at her house), my Dad, Luke, Jenica, Ryan, Dani, Tood, Nichole, Mckenna, and Jo Jo. Sorry Kiel, we really missed you.

Friday: We met up with my brother Derek and his wife Mariesa at the Spokane Riverfront Park. The kids rode a 100 yr old carousel, played on a huge radio flyer wagon slide, cooled down in the fountain. That night we went fishing and everyone got skunked but KIERA. Dryson kept asking Uncle Derek "you catch me a fish yet".

Saturday: Girls went shopping, ate at Olive Garden "yummy" boys and kids went to the park played horseshoes, bocce ball, guys took lots of naps, I believe they "took turns" watching the kids. Cindy had to go to a wedding so my Dad had sad puppy eyes so we went to Hayden Lake to take his mind off Cindy. We played in the water and hung out. What a nice Lake, I think I wouldn't mind retiring there someday! That night after a little crying from Kiera Grandpa finally gave in and let us start a little fire for smores. Thanks Dani for introducing us to the Reeses Smores.
Sunday: Went to church-just kidding we were on vacation. Cindy came back so we spent lots of quality time with FAMILY. We took our kids to Lake Coeur D'Alene and walked the worlds longest board walk and watched how the other half lives (reading their newspaper on their yacht). NICE!!
Monday: SILVERWOOD!!! We loved Silverwood. Kiera rode all the rides she could including 2 wooden rollercoasters. Cindy and Grandpa took Dryson for the afternoon so Leigh, me, and Kiera made the most of it and rode a lot of rides. Thanks Cindy!!! Dryson peed off the train and got to drive a old time car. The park was clean not a lot of teenagers and the best part was a refillable mug for $9 so we didn't spend a lot of money on drinks or food. Sorry not a lot of pictures I was having to much fun.

Tuesday: Golf day for the MEN!!! Luke won the first ever Durrant Family Open. Leigh came in last, but is improving. He didn't hit the clubhouse this time!!! While the guys went golfing we took the kids to Build-a-Bear for a little souviner. They had a moose that was soooo cute. We made one for Grandpa and Cindy to remember the trip. That night we had a "to die for dinner" even though we had to wait a little longer then we all wanted. More smores that night.

Wednesday: Drove home. To much construction, Megan not feeling well, NOT A FUN RIDE!!!!
Thank you so much Cindy for letting us stay with you. Thanks family for "being on your best behavior". Thanks Dad for Silverwood and Golfing and everything else you did.

PS. Why are you here? Why are you wearing clothes? Is this Cindy's house?