Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Dryson is old enough to start playschool (he calls it pre-school whatever) at the highschool. He loves getting up and going to school with is Dad. He is definitaly more of a mommy's boy so some one on one time with Leigh is great for the both of them. Unlike Kiera he runs into to class and doesn't look back. There are 3 Patterson grandkids in the the class--poor teachers!

Kiera's New Look

Kiera failed the eyesight test at school and the nurse told me that I needed to get her eyes checked. I thought she was totally faking it. Neither Leigh or me have problems with our eyes so why would our kids. I forgot about some of those fabulous genes that maybe we have pasted along. Well long story short YES she does need glasses. Lucky her!!! She looks totally cute in them and is very good and remembering to wear them and take care of them. She says it helps her see a lot better and I guess I believe her. I know what you are all thinking #1 mom right, not knowing that my own daughter can't see. Well I didn't I would totally recommend getting your kids eyes checked before they start school!!

Basketball Season

Well Basketball Season has come to an end. It was fun to go to games again. The girls did better than expected, but it was still hard to see them loose night after night. Leigh did great NO "T's" and a lot parent complemented him on his hard work. I have to say I'm ready to have my husband back and more importantly I think the kids are glad to have their Dad back. I have to say he did great taking the kids to a lot of practices so we didnt' have to get extra babysitters. Its nice to have the kids growing up so we can do some of those kinds of things.
Good Season Girls. Welcome home Dad!!

The BIG 6

That's right Kiera is n0w 6 years old. How time flies. She is in Kindergarten and loves it. For her birthday she reallllly wanted a baby alive like her cousin Ellie. So have a few phone calls Grandpa Ken came through and she got what she wanted.

I asked her 6 favorite things to do and these are her answers.

1. Go to School

2. Play at the park

3. Play with her brother
4. Help her mom

5. Play basketball with her dad

6. Play on the computer (thanks Uncle Luke)

Girls Weekend

In Jan. all of My Sis-in-Laws and I took a weekend get-a-way to Salt Lake City. It was fun to get away with out kids and husbands. My fabulous brother-in-law Blue got a hotel for the weekend so no making beds, cleaning rooms, cooking or anything like that. We did some shopping, played games, and ate. We also went to see Leigh's grandma she is in a nursing home around that area. She looked great probably didn't know any of us but that is OK. Thanks for the great weekend GIRLS!!

Fight! Fight! Fight!

My brother Luke has an in with the physcial therapist at the school who gets tickets for the stampede and steelhead games. On Saturday night he happened to get the sweetbox tickets so asked if me and kids wanted to go. Leigh had a game in Emmett so what the heck Right? This was the first hockey game my kids had been to. They loved it Kiera kept saying FIGHT, FIGHT, FIGHT! Dryson liked the goalies. They were so good and I have to say my favorite thing was having a bathroom right in the room. That is the only good way to watch a game with little kids. They could do whatever and not bother a single person and did I mention there was a bathroom in the room. Heaven!!
THanks Uncle Luke for the invite.

Dryson with my mom and Uncle Luke

Kiera with my dad and Uncle Ryan in the background

Christmas 2009

We had a great Christmas. We went Christmas caroling on the back of Grandpa Pattersons trailor (freezing cold, but the kids loved it). My mom made these great puppets and we did a Christmas program with them. I think all the kids loved it. On the way home Christmas Eve Kiera said "Mom I don't care about the presents all I care about is Jesus" I hope that we are raising our kids in just that way. To not care about the presents to only care about the meaning of Christmas. Grandma and Grandpa Patterson gave each of the kids their own journal that they can write or color in. I hope that my kids will love to do this since as you can tell I'm not so good at keeping up on things. All in all great Holiday Season.

Thanks Great-Grandma Hanks for the BRIGHT Red Lipstick Kiera Loves IT!

Santa is that U!!!

For the Make-A-Wish dance at School Leigh dressed up as Santa. He told me to bring the kids down so I did. They sat on his lap and they were NOT tricked. Dryson said "Dad that is you NOT Santa." Well that is the only sitting on Santa's lap that the kids did this year. Maybe next year we can find the "real" Santa!

Christmas Clothes

This year for Christmas my mom made all the granddaughters matching Christmas dresses. We all went to Church with her and they all looked so cute. Dryson(being the only grandson) got a white shirt with a tie that my mom made that matched the girls dresses. Kiera's dress fits her so good and looks so good on her. Dryson loves his tie and wants to wear it every Sunday. I only wish I had the talent my mom has to sew so well. I was going to learn to sew one summer when I was about 9 or 10 with a couple other girls and their moms but I happened to break my arm that summer and just never have had the chance to learn.
Maybe someday:) or maybe NOT!!!