Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Kiera's New Look

Kiera failed the eyesight test at school and the nurse told me that I needed to get her eyes checked. I thought she was totally faking it. Neither Leigh or me have problems with our eyes so why would our kids. I forgot about some of those fabulous genes that maybe we have pasted along. Well long story short YES she does need glasses. Lucky her!!! She looks totally cute in them and is very good and remembering to wear them and take care of them. She says it helps her see a lot better and I guess I believe her. I know what you are all thinking #1 mom right, not knowing that my own daughter can't see. Well I didn't I would totally recommend getting your kids eyes checked before they start school!!


Jared and Emillee said...
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Jared and Emillee said...

Tell Kiera she looks adorable!

iMe3 said...

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