Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Dryson is old enough to start playschool (he calls it pre-school whatever) at the highschool. He loves getting up and going to school with is Dad. He is definitaly more of a mommy's boy so some one on one time with Leigh is great for the both of them. Unlike Kiera he runs into to class and doesn't look back. There are 3 Patterson grandkids in the the class--poor teachers!


Anna Beal said...

Wow Megan! You have been playing "catch up" today haven't you. You have been busy busy busy. I saw the glasses they are so cute! I'm sure Dejah will need some. We will be lucky if she doesn't.

Stephen & Kendra said...

Ya I was wondering how I missed all these posts until I realized they were all from today. I love love love the red lipstick pic. And the snuggies, Rhear! They are so dorky but I kind of want a pink one! Ha. I tried to get Katelyn into playschool but I was too late. Waa. Even though we didn't get too much time together on the girls night, you are funny, and I think we should hang out more. :)

sandra ^_^ said...
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