Saturday, July 25, 2009

We went on a trip

On the 17th we loaded the car and started a 7 1/2 hr drive to Northern Idaho. The drive was ok going there. Dryson only had to pee in a bottle (just kidding he was to gun shy to do it, but don't think I didn't try:) twice. There we met up with Cindy (we stayed at her house), my Dad, Luke, Jenica, Ryan, Dani, Tood, Nichole, Mckenna, and Jo Jo. Sorry Kiel, we really missed you.

Friday: We met up with my brother Derek and his wife Mariesa at the Spokane Riverfront Park. The kids rode a 100 yr old carousel, played on a huge radio flyer wagon slide, cooled down in the fountain. That night we went fishing and everyone got skunked but KIERA. Dryson kept asking Uncle Derek "you catch me a fish yet".

Saturday: Girls went shopping, ate at Olive Garden "yummy" boys and kids went to the park played horseshoes, bocce ball, guys took lots of naps, I believe they "took turns" watching the kids. Cindy had to go to a wedding so my Dad had sad puppy eyes so we went to Hayden Lake to take his mind off Cindy. We played in the water and hung out. What a nice Lake, I think I wouldn't mind retiring there someday! That night after a little crying from Kiera Grandpa finally gave in and let us start a little fire for smores. Thanks Dani for introducing us to the Reeses Smores.
Sunday: Went to church-just kidding we were on vacation. Cindy came back so we spent lots of quality time with FAMILY. We took our kids to Lake Coeur D'Alene and walked the worlds longest board walk and watched how the other half lives (reading their newspaper on their yacht). NICE!!
Monday: SILVERWOOD!!! We loved Silverwood. Kiera rode all the rides she could including 2 wooden rollercoasters. Cindy and Grandpa took Dryson for the afternoon so Leigh, me, and Kiera made the most of it and rode a lot of rides. Thanks Cindy!!! Dryson peed off the train and got to drive a old time car. The park was clean not a lot of teenagers and the best part was a refillable mug for $9 so we didn't spend a lot of money on drinks or food. Sorry not a lot of pictures I was having to much fun.

Tuesday: Golf day for the MEN!!! Luke won the first ever Durrant Family Open. Leigh came in last, but is improving. He didn't hit the clubhouse this time!!! While the guys went golfing we took the kids to Build-a-Bear for a little souviner. They had a moose that was soooo cute. We made one for Grandpa and Cindy to remember the trip. That night we had a "to die for dinner" even though we had to wait a little longer then we all wanted. More smores that night.

Wednesday: Drove home. To much construction, Megan not feeling well, NOT A FUN RIDE!!!!
Thank you so much Cindy for letting us stay with you. Thanks family for "being on your best behavior". Thanks Dad for Silverwood and Golfing and everything else you did.

PS. Why are you here? Why are you wearing clothes? Is this Cindy's house?

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Thank You

First and foremost I want to thank my brother Kiel for serving in the United States of America Navy. It is a job I would not want but I am so grateful for those men and women who serve this great country.

We went to the Melba Parade yesterday for the 4th of July and I got a little choked up as I thought about this great country. I can't image living in a country where you are told what to do each and everyday. We take the liberty's that we have for granted each and everyday. We had a great 4th. The parade was fun, lots of candy, lots of friends, and there was nice little breezy so it wasn't sooo hot! After the parade we went to RC Willey to look for a new dishwasher and get some FREE lunch. We then went home took a nap and prepared for the night ahead. We went over to some friends house for a BBQ and fireworks. There of course was some pyro's there so there was a lot of blowing things up, sparkler bombs, and of course illegal fireworks. We had a great time and no one went to the ER.