Thursday, April 15, 2010

Meet the Newest Member of the Family

Here she is ANNABELLE!

Leigh and the kids have been looking for several months for the "right dog". We have been to the pound, we have been to the pet store (way to much $), and Leigh has been looking online. I gave him a price range...FREE.99 and told him good luck. Well he found one!!

She is a 7 yr old Shitzu. Her family had gotten a new labarodoodle and they didn't get along. She had been at the same home her whole life. She is house broken, doesn't bark very often(I haven't heard her yet) and very loving and cuddly. She loves to sit on your lap and loves the kids. I think she is definitely "THE ONE". Good Job LEIGH!!!

On a side note Dryson calls her "Anna Beal". She is a good friend of ours I think that is so funny. Sorry Anna