Friday, June 12, 2009

Consider it done!

Well I've been out of school for almost two weeks now. I had one "REAL JOB" to do this summer and from the sounds of a few posts ago I thought it was going to be horrible! Potty training that is! Dryson was being so dang stubborn but as soon a school was out I started working my Magic....This is the 3rd kid I've potty trained! (For my resume send inquiries to......Just Kiddding) It really just took a little time and letting him know Ligtning McQueen and Mater do not like to be pooed or peed on oh and don't forget the treat bag that our neighbor Jodie brought for him! Thank goodness for cool underwear and a great neighbor, right


Dryson's Birthday take 1

My dad is out of town today so he celebrated Dryson's birthday Wednesday night with us. My family, Dad, Ryan, Dani, Jenica, Todd, Nichole, Mckenna, Paiton, Leigh, Megan, Kiera, and the man of the hour Dryson all went to Red Robin and had dinner. My Dad got him the coolest fishing pole (it lights up when you reel) and an ORANGE Boise State hat. Dryson thought he had died and gone to heaven. He loves fish and has yet to take the hat off. Jenica got him some BSU crocs and he will probably cry when we don't let him wear them to church.

Summer Hair

Jenica gave Kiera a new summer hairdo and it looks so cute on her. It kind of makes her look older, but I guess she is getting older.

Dryson also got his summer buz. All that blonde hair gone! The skid mark is from him running way to fast and crashing at the park.

Volleyball Camp

Kiera has decided that she wants to be a volleyball player. Kuna has an awesome head coach for their volleyball program that puts on a fabulous camp. She let Kiera be in it even though you are suppose to be in Kindergarten. I was so impressed with the way the camp was done. Kiera loved every minute of it. I think maybe someday she just might be the volleyball player she thinks she already is.

PS: the camp was held in the junior high and boy did I forget how YELLOW the gym is!

Kiera, Rachel, and her coaches (Cori Star, Larry, and Abi)

Kiera bugging Rachel

Getting ready to hit the ball, nice table top!

Graduation-Key Note Speaker

Leigh was chosen by the senior class of 2009 to be their Key Note speaker at graduation. He did an awesome job. I know he put in on facebook, but I can't get to go on the blog. Here are some pictures of the night

Leigh walking up to the stage!

Kiera, Dryson, and Grandma Teri