Sunday, November 29, 2009

Christmas Tree Hunt

We had a great Thanksgiving. We had tons of food at Grandma Hanks house, then on to my Dad's for a movie and pie. Black Friday was a success!! I got home about 8:30am loaded the truck up and left for Dr. Francis's cabin. We had a blast hanging out with them. We played lots of games, watched BSU destroy Nevada, watched more football, ate more food, played more games and the best part the kids played in the snow almost the whole day. We are grateful for such great friends.
Saturday afternoon we started our journey to find the perfect 17 foot tall CHRISTMAS TREE. This has become a tradition in our family. We found one, cut it down, loaded into the back of the truck, prayed that Leigh's tying job would hold and headed home. On the way home we received lots of funny looks. Can you say "THE GRISWALDS" (please take note of the pics)PWT!! We made it safe and sound. We got it all decorated today and it looks BEAUTIFUL!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Thank You Veterans!

Yesterday I had the privilege of attending the 4th annual Veterans Day assembly at Kuna High School.It is always humbling to look out in the crowd and see the changing faces. We had Vets from WWII, Vietnam, Korea, Desert Storm, Operation Enduring freedom and servicemen that have recently graduated from Kuna who have yet to be deployed but most likely will soon. The statistics say 10,000 WWII vets die each month. At this rate it won't be long before they're gone. I thought my grandpa a WWII Veteran would live forever, but he died 13 years ago at the age of 78. I wish I could go back and ask about his service. Since his death I have learned more about my grandpa's service from research and other Vet's than I ever did from him. It is a shame. I must say thank you to all who serve. Also, Megan's Grandpa Hanks served many years for this great country. He is still alive and I hope that we take every oppurnity to learn about his experiences. Thank you Grandpa!

I especially must thank my brother-in-law Kiel who serves on the USS Phillipine Sea in the US Navy. Thank you for your service Kiel we love you. I know thank you is not sufficient but know that I mean it Thank you for your support and sacrifices you make, because of your sacrifices my family and I can enjoy the freedoms we do. It is amazing to me the sacrifices these men and women give for me and my family.


My Brother Kiel

Leigh's Grandpa. Grandpa Perry

My Grandpa. Grandpa Hanks