Sunday, October 26, 2008

Sugar Cookies

So for a fun relaxing Sunday afternoon Kiera decided that she wanted to make Sugar Cookies. I got the dough ready after dinner and after a quick nap and a trip to Grandma Patterson's for a pumkin cutout we were off. The cookies turned out great! Grandpa Durrant and Luke came to visit and even decorated a couple cookies.

Leigh put frosting on Dryson's nose. He sayed "no nice daddy"

Luke being to cool to frost a sugar cookie

Grandpa and Kiera

What a Great Mom!!!

Sunday, October 19, 2008


I am having my first craft night October 28th (which is next Tuesday) from 6:30-projects are done and you are ready to go home! I am trying to make this a fun, kids free, night to get your projects done. Listed below are the projects for the night. If you have any requests for future nights(hopefully once a month) let me know. Reply to the post or email me @ to get your projects ordered. The cost covers everything you will need to finish your project!

Give Thanks Board

Harvest Blocks

Have an Attitude of Gratitude Glass Block


Words of Wisdom Blog!

I have had a lot of people ask me to start a blog on top of our website so that it gets updated more often so here it is!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Beauty Queens

The girls decided since Leigh and Grandpa Patterson were entertaining the kids we would would go to Jenica's salon and have our hair done. I had been there that morning and since my hair looked so good they wanted the same. Their hair turned out great(as always) Jenica is the best!!


AFTER! Don't they look good!

Thanks girls for a great Night OUT!
If you would like to look as good as us call Jenica @ 899-5509

Time with Cousins

After the parade it started to rain and it was so cold there was no way that we wanted to go watch the game so we had Emillee, Jackson, Orion, Wynne, ReNae, and Mylie over to have pizza and do whatever. The kids love to spend time with cousins.

Kiera had found candy necklaces, that you had to make, at the store and the kids loved making them.
Jackson and Dryson
Dryson loved EATING the candy. Go figure!

Orion, Kiera, Dryson, and Jackson. Spending time with cousins is the best.

Homecoming Parade

To start off, it was so cold outside that we were some of the only people on the street. We had to judge the floats and that was the only reason we decided to go. Leigh's sister Emillee was here from Rexburg so they are climatized to the weather and braved it with us. THANKS!!! We got lots and lots of candy for a 10 minute parade. Leigh kept saying to the kids "is that all you got" and they would throw more.
It was so cold outside we had to break out the winter coats.
Waiting for the parade to start

Look at all that candy!

The kids found more candy after they searched the sidewalks!

The senior float had something to do with KFH(Kentucky Fried Hawk) and threw this chicken bone! All we want is CANDY!!!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Spirit Week

It is Homecoming week at KHS and Tuesday was hillbilly day. I am so sorry for those of you that are actually blood related!

Kiera and her crazy dad

Hey Hot Stuff

He pulls this look off pretty well. All the kids said he was the best dressed teacher

Dryson Loves his hillbilly DAD

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

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Last weekend we went to the corn maze. We took Luke and Jenica with us. Leigh and Kiera thought it was funny to run ahead and hide in the corn and try and scare Jenica. Luke's hand didn't think it was to funny. Kiera said it was "the best day of her life". Her favorite part was riding the cow train. Dryson didn't like the train he cried almost the whole time. I loved the mini doughnuts! YUM YUM!!!

Luke is in some serious trouble!!