Thursday, August 27, 2009

School Time

I can't believe it but Kiera has started Kindergarten. Today was her first day and if any of you have been around her lately, I was worried she was going to have a major meltdown. For the past few weeks everything she has done and loved has ended up with a major meltdown. She would be doing a headstand, walking the balance beam and crying. A couple weeks ago she ended up not going to her primary class because she was crying. So I was very grateful that there was NO TEARS today. We got to school a little early and she played, found a couple kids she knew, lined up at the door, Mrs. Wallace had them blow their moms and dads a kiss and she was gone. I think little man Dryson had a harder time. During family prayers this morning he started crying because Kiera got to go to school and he doesn't. I also think has asked what time is it about 10 times this morning. NOT TIME TO PICK UP KIERA!!! I keep telling him. She gets to go all day on Tues. and Thurs. and every other Fri. I can't wait until she gets home and tells me all she has learned.

This summer has flown by. Leigh has started school again and guess what? He also is coaching again. I'm so lucky, right. Back to being a coaches widow. He is coaching the freshman football team. I think he is liking it. Well I promise to be better about keeping this blog updated. I'm not sure there is enough time in the days to keep up with everything.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Day 1

Leigh, his brothers, and his father all went on a week long horseback ride trip which leaves me home by myself. I never really wanted to be a single mom, but it looks like this week I get to play the part.

Day 1: Went great! I was in charge of sharing time so we had to go to church. In the morning I finished getting my sharing time done, cut out coupons, and got me and the kids ready for church. After church my best friend, Jody, invited us over for dinner and Dave cooked us up some fried Twinkies for dessert. Got home put the kids in bed and thought I could get some much deserved sleep. NOT!!!! There were teenagers at the pool until 10:30(this is the first time the pool in the back yard has been a problem) that would not be quite. I almost called my friend David to come take care of them, but then they left. So I tried to go back to sleep. Then at 1AM I hear this horrible noise coming from Kiera's room and I know she is THROWING UP, you have got to be kidding me, the one night that Leigh isn't home. I don't do throw up well. I have a really strong gage reflex and can make myself puke on command. From that point on I would get a mess cleaned up, and she would make a new one. It is 10am and she hasn't puked for an hour. She is a sleep, but I still have Dryson that is ready to play! How Lucky can one mom get!! Keep you updated on day 2,3,4,5,6. I sure hope Leigh is enjoying himself.