Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Playschool take 3

This is Kiera's 3rd of going to the High School's playschool. You can't beat the price of $25 for the entire 3 months and it gives Kiera and her dad a chance to bond in the mornings. This year she has two cousins Shad and Jenkin with her and she is loving it. I remember the first year she wouldn't stay by herself and would cry almost every single day, now she says "you can just drop me off and I can go by myself". My how the time has flown by, come August she will being going to Kindergarten and doing all the things bigger kids do.

Kiera eating breakfast getting ready for her first day of Playschool

She woke up at 6:30am to make sure her dad didn't leave without her!

Walking into the High School

Waiting for School to start in Dad's classroom

Playing puzzles the 1st day of Playschool!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


After 24 years of coaching high school basketball my Dad will be retiring after this season. He was Leigh's coach all 4 years (we all know that must have put a few grey hairs on his head), he has coach 5 of his own son's and many, many others. He has been a great example to the community and great influence on the kids he has coached. I hope my children will have the opportunity to have such a great coach as the get older. Here are a few pictures from last night.

This is Dryson and his girlfriend Annie. He his one smart boy and goes straight for the blondes.
This is my dad!

Dryson and Uncle Ryan
Kiera watching the game

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Time to get away!

This last weekend we decided it was time to get away so we decided to go to the cabin in Cascade. The weather was beautiful. It was so sunny Saturday I had to ask Leigh that night if I had a sunburn. Leigh's sister Heather and her family also came up with us. We went to the McCall winter carnival and saw the ice sculptures, went sledding (Kiera would go down the hill, up the hill, and repeat about 50 times), played games, and just hung out. . Dryson hated sledding-he didn't like the snow in his face, he probably walked at least 5 miles on Saturday between McCall and sledding, but he loved the ice sculptures. Thanks Hayes family for coming and keeping us company!It was nice to get a way.
I am grateful that the Perry's have keep the cabin for weekends just like this!