Friday, June 4, 2010

Kiera's Graduation

My baby girl Graduated Kindergarten Yesterday. I can't believe how much she has grown up. She is so excited to be in First Grade. She had a wonderful teacher this year and she told me that she is moving up to first grade next year. I'm crossing my fingers that Kiera gets to have her again. Kiera is not much for change so this would be a very good thing. I love the little lady she is becoming. I have tried really hard to have a good relationship with her because of the lack of relationship I have with my own mom.
I Love her and can't believe she is going to be a big First Grader!

Dryson's Graduation

We have had a couple graduations in the past month. Dryson graduated from Playschool with High Honors. He loved playschool. I'm pretty sure his teachers loved him also. Everytime we go see Dad at work all the girls come up and give him kisses and hugs. I might be partial but I think he is pretty cute myself. Dryson and is cousin eating cake...probably Dryson's favorite part of graduating!

The Three Amigos...Three cousins in one class...Good Thing they are good boys
(for the most part)